Kyle Miller First Ever to Shred Washingtons Non-Volcanic Nines

Published on Sunday, 01 July 2012 09:54 , Category: Kyle Miller Written by Chris Gallardo

3. Fernow, Elevation: 9,249 Ft

Literally hovering above Holden Village, Mt. Fernow shadows the remote Lake Chelan town in darkness three months out of the year. From big open faces to steep narrow couloirs, the options are limitless and similarly sized mountains surround this quiet refuge on almost every side. This trip was my first of the 2011 season and prepared me for Bonanza, which I summited two days later.

4. Goode, Elevation: 9,200 Ft

Goode is as steep as they come in the North Cascades and equally remote. With more then a vertical mile between the valley floor and the summit it was by far the most challenging climb in the 9000er project.

5. Shuksan, Elevation: 9,131 Ft

By far the most recognizable of the 9,000-foot peaks and the most accessible as it can be seen from the Mt. Baker ski resort parking lot. Each side of Shuksan holds a different personality and it has to be one of the best training grounds in the lower 48. It’s no wonder that we call Miss Shuksan a Temple.