G3 Alpinist Splitboard skin video

Published on Wednesday, 14 December 2011 09:54 , Category: News Written by Chris Gallardo

G3 put together this cool video about their new Alpinist Splitboard Skins. Check out G3 President Oliver Steffen talk about their design philosophy and what makes their skins the most advanced on the market. 

Introducing the most refined splitboard skin available.

Our engineers are passionate riders who’ve been redefining backcountry gear for decades so you don’t have to. Adopted by leading manufacturers, our new splitboard skins feature our patented tip and tail connectors for no-fuss transitions, superior glide and legendary uphill performance so you can focus on dropping in, not on catching up. For the full story visit G3 online at  genuineguidegear.com/gear/skins/alpinist-splitboard-climbing-skins

More on the G3 Alpinist Splitboard Skins

G3 releases new skins for splitters! Complete with patented tip and tail connectors, asymmetric shape, and steezy graphic.

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