Voile offering 100 free subscriptions to Kronicle...while supplies last!

Published on Thursday, 07 November 2013 12:01 , Category: News Written by Chris Gallardo

Voile is offering 100 complementary subscriptions to kronicle while supplies last! 

Just fill out the webform on kronicle's site and don't forget to thank Voile!


We gotta give a shout out to Arbor athlete and splitter Curtis Woodman too for snagging the cover above at a familiar spot in the Tahoe backcountry. 

Check out the video below to see the footy from the same trip as the cover shot. Good stuff! 

Surfing the earth is about getting barreled and having as much fun with your friends as u possibly can. It's a never ending search for the ever changing white wave. Join Curtis Woodman, Kevin Jones and Sammy Luebke as they get barreled in episode 2.

Check out episode 1 here: http://splitboard.com/index.php/featured/videos/305-video-surf-the-earth-from-arbor-snowboards-featuring-curtis-woodman

About Voile Splitboards

In 1991Brett "Cowboy" Kobernik brought a crude prototype of the first splitboard to Mark "Wally" Wariakois, the founder of Voile. At the time Wally was intensely focused on innovating new backcountry ski and telemark binding designs, but he saw the future of backcountry snowboarding in Cowboy's crude design.

Over the next few years, Cowboy and Wally refined this idea and in 1994 released the first DIY Voile Split Kit. This was the beginning of the splitboard revolution. For the first time riders had a truly innovative and easier way to access backcountry powder.

Voile went on to develop and produce a more refined, adjustable, Voile splitboard interface and Voile splitboard insert pattern. This is the foundation for all Voile splitboards and other splitboard brands that have followed.

Today, Voile is as committed to the growth and innovation of splitboarding as those exciting early days. From the beginning, Voile splitboards and Voile splitboard hardware is proudly made in Salt Lake City, Utah USA.

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Voile News

Voile sent us this video today to help clear up any confusion regarding the company's origin. 

Looks like an instant classic, sweet work Voile (and Powderwhores)!

Voile Manufacturing and Powderwhore Productions are proud to present, Elevation - a backcountry film. 

Splitboard.com is excited to see our friends The Provo Bros, husband/wife splitboard team Cindi-Lou/Zach Grant, and Bob Athey in the film. 

Voile Manufacturing is stoked to announce their re-branding and new look.
Voile Manufacturing announces the launch of their new website and domain name Voile.com

  Voile is proud to introduce the new Women's Artisan splitboardAn all-­‐in one quiver that’s designed for and tested by women.

As we reported last month from the SIA trade show in Denver CO, Voile has really stepped up their game next year thanks to the new partnership with Sentury Snowboards founder Ben Harmon. Ben brings his experience in the way of everything from core construction, board design, manufacturing, graphics, and more. His influence is evident as Voile is proud to announce the new Artisan splitboard! Read more...

Big news in splitboard-land as Voile Manufacturing announced their acquisition of Reno based Sentury Snowboards. Hit the title link for the official press release and we'll let you know as more information becomes available. It has been confirmed Sentury will close it's doors and owner Ben Harmon will relocate to Utah to work with Voile, bringing with him over 10 years of snowboard design and production experience. We're stoked on the news and can't wait to see the Voile splitboard line evolve. Congrats guys!