Video: Roadside runs in Alaska

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"April 2013, we returned to Anchorage from a ten day glacier camping trip to find the city still locked within the grips of the Alaskan winter. After securing the cheapest rental car in town, and enough quesadilla supplies for 3 weeks, we gunned our little Nissan sentra up to the pass and setup camp. With clear skies overhead, and cold, stable powder under foot every single day, the conditions were prime. Driving through the Kenai Mountains, it wasn't hard to find plenty of spines and faces to ride within a comfortable walking distance of the rental. While the Helicopters control much of the terrain in the area, there was still plenty of big low hanging fruits to snatch up on foot." -

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Video and Photos from a nice tour on December 27, 2011 up Sultan Mountain in the San Juans, Colorado. The best holiday gift of all was 4000 ft. of pow down to the little town of Silverton below. Pray for snow!

"During the winter of 2011, my brother Neil and I were presented with a once in a lifetime opportunity. We were to spend two months embedded in the heart of the Kootenays at the legendary Retallack Lodge. The mission was to shred pow with our good friend Tanner, who was on his comeback, and to help film Retallack: The Movie for Inspired Media Concepts." Ian Provo
Utah has had one of the most incredible seasons in history and it's not over just yet.  On the summer solstice Ian and I made a trip to the High Uinta Wilderness to ride off some of the highest peaks in the state. The Uintas have the most alpine terrain in the lower 48, the skiing is vast and seemingly untapped.
Here is the trailer for the new ski movie I worked on this past winter with Inspired Media Concepts. I did lots of Snowboarding, and mostly filming. 90% of the runs I took in BC I had a big camera pack on my back which made for some rowdy tumbles down the steep terrain.  Stoked to see all the hard work everyone put in start to come together. Its going to be a righteous movie! Releases August 1st 2011.
The north east face of Lone Peak is one of Utah's classic descents.  At 1:30 am we climbed out of the salt lake valley and began the 6000ft march to the top. A dizzying 6 hours later and we were looking down the majestic north east face with our skis and board in hand.

AKA, "Little Matterhorn", is a nice little shark tooth of a mountain. Easily recognized by its similarity to the famous peak in the Alps, its the 5th highest in the Wasatch. On May 1st, it was not our original objective, but the unexpected sun forced us to bail on a more exposed line down the road. We were equally stoked on the new mission, and the incredible powder it would deliver for the first day of May. 

Recovering from broken legs last march, there was no better way to get back into boarding then Pow surfin'.  When you free up the bindings, all the stress and pain goes away.  Ian and i used to snowskate every preseason for the last 10 years and it grew into a hobby far beyond an early season only activity.   This year we got some amazing boards built, and for the first time really got to surf the snow!  Here is a video we made from the last 2 months "snurfin" around the Utah backcountry...
An incredible trip my brother Ian and I took to the high plateaus of southern Utah.  They had an amazing snowpack down south, one of the best in years. The red rock and fresh snow made for the most unique snowboarding experience in my life!

Here is a piece i put together for Rossignol with some P.O.V clips from last winter. Put your self in "my boots" to see how the 2010/11 Rossi Experience snowboard rides!

-Steep and Deep, Cliffs, Chutes, Pillows, POW, hardpack, ice, you name it.  This is my board of choice...

On March 1st 2010 I went for my fist full moon sunrise tour in the Wasatch. Forrest Shearer, Julian Carr, Todd Ligare and I left the alta parking lot at 4am with our goal being Cardiac Ridge by sunrise. Moon light sparkling on the snow for the hike was amazing. The line i had chose on cardiac turned out to be a bit different then i had expected, and i almost landed on some sharp rocks! ...Close call!