Jeremy Jones' Further - Unplugged Episodes 1 and 2

Check out the Jeremy Jones' Further Unplugged episodes 1 and 2 for a behind the scene look at what it takes to make the ultimate splitboard trilogy. 

Spring Break Snowboards putting the soul back in shredding

Check out this sweet video from Comune and Spring Break Snowboards. Rider Corey Smith gets back to snowboarding's roots with his hand built boards and adds some new twists. Super good edit and soundtrack too! Enjoy.

Prospecting Idaho - The Williams Yurt

Check out the latest installment of the Prospecting Idaho series from our friends over at Smith Optics. Snowboarders Josh Dirksen, Mike Basich, Spencer Cordovano, Pat Lee and Cory Smith tour into the Williams yurt to ride some isolated Idaho powder.

Season 2 Episode 10

This Is My Winter - A Timeline Film

“At this time of the year last season, with my friends Guido, Tero and Matthieu we’ve decided to create our own movie production company called TimeLine Film. With the support of my partners we have released a web serie during the season. We’ve tried to document more than just the action and show people what it takes as effort, luck and commitment to get the best possible big mountain video part in TB20 from Standard Films. Although the snow conditions were terrible in Europe last winter we hoped all season long we could have enough unseen action and interesting backstage material to come up with a movie and have a chance to share our experience. Here it is, THIS IS MY WINTER!”
Xv de le Rue

The Powsurf Chronicles

We've been following the PowSurf movement for a couple years now and it's always fun to see what Jeremy Jensen from Grassroots PowSurfing is up to. Check out his latest video and prepare to get stoked on bindingless shredding! 

Southern Utah Desert Spines

This is from 2010 but worth of a re-post for anyone that missed it.

The desert redrock and powder spines are a winning combination!

Building a Unity Split Board

Check out this cool video of a Unity splitboard being built and tested.

The Provo Bros - Mining powder at Retallack, British Columbia

"During the winter of 2011, my brother Neil and I were presented with a once in a lifetime opportunity. We were to spend two months embedded in the heart of the Kootenays at the legendary Retallack Lodge. The mission was to shred pow with our good friend Tanner, who was on his comeback, and to help film Retallack:The Movie for Inspired Media Concepts." Ian Provo

Never Summer Argentina Episode 1

Get an inside look at some new splitboards getting built at the Never Summer factory in Denver, CO. After the boards are ready some of the team (Ryan Cruze and Tony Pavlantos) head down to Argentina to put 'em to the test!

Danny Davis Splitboard interview

There's only one first chair, and patrol owns it. Leave behind the cattle herd in the liftline. Save yourself the hassle of the sled and the gold card crowd with their cats and helis. Seek solitude and an untracked canvas with the Freebird.